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A refreshingly different vacuum cleaner without the need for a vacuum bag. Perfect for people with allergies, pet owners and lovers of freshness.

The three new freshness vacuum cleaners without vacuum bags are right on cue for allergy sufferers, freshness lovers and all who expect a dust-free environment and want to breathe again. Many people are not yet convinced of today’s bagless cyclone technology based on the collection of dust in a container. The big advantage: The THOMAS vacuum cleaner uses water and constantly high suction power during each vacuum cleaning.
By emptying the AQUA PURE FILTER BOX filled with dirty water no dust or odour particles can escape back into the air. The new THOMAS perfect air can do even more: With its excellent water filter technology it refreshes even the air inside the room. 100% noticeable like after summer rain. This is the healthy, thorough and fresh way of vacuuming, after which one will feel comfortable straight away. Simply perfect.

THOMAS perfect air allergy pure

Better quality of life for allergy sufferers! The new vacuum cleaner THOMAS perfect air allergy pure cleans also the ambient air during each vacuum cleaning. House dust, allergens, pollen and dust mites are neatly bound in the water and dust-free disposed. For 100% noticeably refreshed air. This innovative technology is also actively supported by an additional HEPA 13 Filter and two pollen filters. The THOMAS perfect air is specifically recommended by the „German Skin and Allergy Aid Association“.

THOMAS perfect air animal pure

More joy of living for animal lovers! The new THOMAS perfect air animal pure vacuum cleaner also cleans the ambient air during each vacuum cleaning. Pet hair, dirt and odour particles are neatly bound in the water and disposed dust- and odour-free. For 100% noticeably refreshed air. This innovative technology is also actively supported by an additional HEPA 13 Filter and an activated carbon odour filter.
The THOMAS perfect air is specifically recommended by the „German Skin and Allergy Aid Association“.
Did you know that every 3rd pet owner develops an allergy? The THOMAS perfect air animal pure helps to substantially reduce this risk.

THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3

More zest for life and for lovers of freshness! The new vacuum cleaner THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x 3 exudes a wonderful fresh scent during each vacuuming session. Unpleasant odours and dust are cleanly bound into the water, making your cleaning session odour free. Simply fresh and airy. This innovative technology is actively supported by an additional HEPA 13 filter, a micro exhaust filter and a beautiful fresh scent additive, which is simply added into the water filter.

The videos for THOMAS perfect air

A bagless vacuum cleaner binding dust, pollen and odour particles in the water and even refreshing the air.
100 % noticeable.
Ohne konventionellen Beutel, mit Wasserfilter-System – der perfect air allergy pure

„I can breathe again and feel healthier.“

THOMAS perfect air allergy pure

The major source of risk for allergy sufferers when vacuuming is and remains changing the bag or emptying the tank of a cyclone vacuum cleaner.

With the new bagless vacuum cleaner there is no danger as house dust, allergens, pollen and mites are neatly bound in the water and are poured away dust-free.

The person vacuuming breathes 100% noticeably refreshed air and just feels more comfortable. Perfect for allergy sufferers.



staubsauger-ohne-beutel-_0001_ohne Staubbeutel


„Bad Air?
No, we have a vacuum cleaner against it!“

THOMAS perfect air animal pure

Pet lovers know it – conventional vacuum cleaners develop unpleasant odours. And also changing smelly bags or emptying the musty containers of cyclone vacuum cleaners is not something pleasant.

With the new vacuum cleaner with a water filter it is refreshingly different, because pet hair, dirt and even smelly particles are neatly bound in the water and poured away dust and odour-free. The person vacuuming this way simply feels better. Perfect for animal lovers.



„When I vacuum, it smells as if I have let fresh spring air in.“

THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3

People with sensitive noses love fresh air and cannot tolerate the foul odours that most vacuum cleaners give off whilst vacuuming.

The new vacuum cleaner with its water filter and additional fresh smell, the smell problem now dissolves into thin air!

Whoever vacuums in this way will feel more comfortable. Perfect for lovers of freshness.

Der Wasserfilter im Staubsauger perfect air bindet Staub, Pollen und Milben in der AQUA-PURE-Filterbox

Vacuum cleaner with water filter:

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious.

Instead of a bag the THOMAS perfect air has a unique AQUA PURE FILTER BOX, which is filled with just one litre of water.
Sucked-up house dust, pollen, allergens, animal hair and odour particles are moistened with a fine spray, bound in water and then simply poured away. Dust can no longer escape into the air.

For 100 % noticeably refreshed air.

Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter significantly improve the quality of life for allergy sufferers, for pet lovers and for lovers of freshness.

perfect air
allergy pure


House dust allergy without knowing it?

Just because of a cold. Many people who think they only have flu are often suffering from house dust allergy. And even if the symptoms are relatively tolerable, there is still an increased risk of developing asthma sooner or later. By now every fourth house dust mite allergy sufferer simultaneously develops asthma. For children, the risk is even five times higher. Especially in the autumn and winter months, when we increasingly stay within our own four walls, a solution is needed, as the risk of asthma would be reduced by reducing the amount of allergens in living rooms. So here’s a tip: After a four-week cold phase consult a doctor and check the possibility of an existing allergy.

Pollen screen in the spring.

The warm season is a pain especially for pollen allergy sufferers. And even if many sufferers prefer to stay at home then, through the windows, doors and cracks and not least by the residents themselves countless amounts of pollen get into living rooms and thus also into the ambient air. What to do? Declare your home a pollen-free zone! With special pollen screens that you can cut to the size of your window, you immediately improve the ambient air and can sleep at night with an open window.

People spend 90% of their time indoors.

If you consider how much time people spend at home, then a rethinking in terms of cleaning would be worthwhile.
Just vacuuming is not enough to create optimal living conditions, because not only allergy sufferers have a great need for hygiene.
Many people do not want to stir up dust when vacuuming or dusting, but want to get rid of it. In addition, you can thus specifically prevent allergies – children especially are threatened by allergies and asthma due to the pollution from contaminated ambient air.
Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter such as the THOMAS perfect air vacuum absolutely thoroughly, clean the air and thereby create a healthy indoor climate for the whole family.

Toys and decorations are perfect dust collectors.

Children’s rooms in particular are full of little things that can be coated with dust.
Plush toys are home to millions of mites and carpets and decorative cushions accommodate twice as many unwelcome guests that make life difficult for allergy sufferers. Dust in hard-to-reach areas can be avoided, however.
The principle of omission is just as important as the right storage space. Provide for large easily wipeable and absorbent surfaces, avoid small furniture and decoration; there is also a simple solution for children’s rooms. Toys consisting of small parts should be put away in the evening, in order to prevent them collecting dust. The best place for them is a large box with a lid. Plush toys should be put in the freezer overnight, on a regular basis, and then into the washing machine. At minus 18 degrees, the mites die and during washing dead mites and especially allergenic mite excrement are removed.
The nasty little animals prefer to eat skin cells and therefore do not like it when bed linen is freshly changed on a regular basis.

perfect air
animal pure


Pets for allergy sufferers?

As long as the air is regularly freed from allergens, animal hair, dust and odours, keeping pets in households with allergy sufferers is possible.
It is important to create really clean air, so as not to irritate the respiratory tract. If especially pet hair and pet dander is removed daily and thoroughly by vacuuming with a water filter, it cannot escape into the ambient air, and thus does not pollute the airways.
Special vacuum cleaners for pet hair are needed.

Bad air is all natural.

Pet keeping causes odours. This is normal. But what to do when the vacuum cleaner stinks? Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter can be helpful here, as pet hair and odour particles are neatly bound in the water and poured away without leaving residues and developing odours as in case of bags.

Animal hairs are tricky.

They stick to upholstery and carpets, hide in the very back corners and swirl in the air when vacuuming. Animal hair is difficult to catch for conventional vacuum cleaners with a bag. Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter provide a remedy, they also clean the air. What is a matter of concern for many pet lovers is the fact that the risk of developing pet hair allergy is very high. The allergens sit primarily on the animal skin and fur. The only true prevention: The person who loves his pet and his own health vacuums regularly with water and cleans the air.

Pets are good for the soul.



Without a doubt, a cat or a dog likes to take the place of a full-fledged member of the family.
Pets are loyal companions who are good for humans.
However, in order to create ideal conditions for a harmonious coexistence, there are also practical aspects which cannot be ignored by a pet owner. Even if you are not an allergy sufferer, there are almost certainly some of your relatives and friends who suffer from allergies.
If you wish to have them as visitors, the correct room care is indicated.

From a clean cat litter box through animal hairless pads up to clean air, the living environment must be perfect. No problem for bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter.

perfect air
feel fresh x3


Good or bad-tempered? The nose vacuums with.

Our sense of smell can affect us without us realising. Also the feeling of sympathy and antipathy has much to do with our personal vision of good and bad odours. „I cannot smell that person“ many people have thought more than once. A phenomenon that can also be transferred to room scenarios. In a good-smelling room you feel much more comfortable than in a foul-smelling room. Already slightly subliminal smells can trigger a sense of unease. Declare yourself a lover of freshness; clean your indoor air regularly and easily when vacuuming. The principle of the water filter helps you. Distracting odours are bound in the water and at the same time it exudes a pleasant fresh smell.

Fresh air fanatics get their money’s worth.

Room air is consumed, dust can be smelt and a conventional vacuum cleaner is also not a compliment for odour-sensitive noses. We need fresh air. The question remains: what can you do other than to air several times every day? Air freshening is the magic word. With the new generation of bag less vacuum cleaners – the THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3 – achieves this by vacuuming alone. It cleans the air and freshens at the same time. A simple and ingenious principle for all fans of fresh air.

City air is not always the best.

Life in the city has many advantages. Short distances, good gastronomy, pure variety. A major drawback of city life is often the missing freshness. Shock ventilation must happen, but as soon as the window is open, smell particles enter the living room, which significantly interfere with sensitive noses. So what do you do if you are a lover of freshness and do not want to miss the advantages of the city? Vacuum clean with a water filter to provide relief. Rather than endure a musty bag when vacuuming, simply pour a litre of tap water containing some freshness additive into the vacuum cleaner water filter. The fresh smell emitted when vacuuming, is simply wonderful. It’s almost as if you live in the countryside and have let the fresh air in.