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House dust allergy without knowing it?

Just because of a cold. Many people who think they only have flu are often suffering from house dust allergy. And even if the symptoms are relatively tolerable, there is still an increased risk of developing asthma sooner or later. By now every fourth house dust mite allergy sufferer simultaneously develops asthma. For children, the [...]

2015-03-09T23:38:03+00:00 Februar 3rd, 2015|allergy sufferers|

Pets for allergy sufferers?

As long as the air is regularly freed from allergens, animal hair, dust and odours, keeping pets in households with allergy sufferers is possible. It is important to create really clean air, so as not to irritate the respiratory tract. If especially pet hair and pet dander is removed daily and thoroughly by vacuuming with [...]

2015-03-05T19:57:42+00:00 Februar 3rd, 2015|pet lovers|

Bad air is all natural.

Pet keeping causes odours. This is normal. But what to do when the vacuum cleaner stinks? Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter can be helpful here, as pet hair and odour particles are neatly bound in the water and poured away without leaving residues and developing odours as in case of bags.

2015-03-05T19:58:43+00:00 Februar 3rd, 2015|pet lovers|

Pollen screen in the spring.

The warm season is a pain especially for pollen allergy sufferers. And even if many sufferers prefer to stay at home then, through the windows, doors and cracks and not least by the residents themselves countless amounts of pollen get into living rooms and thus also into the ambient air. What to do? Declare your [...]

2015-03-05T20:00:59+00:00 Februar 3rd, 2015|allergy sufferers|

Animal hairs are tricky.

They stick to upholstery and carpets, hide in the very back corners and swirl in the air when vacuuming. Animal hair is difficult to catch for conventional vacuum cleaners with a bag. Bagless vacuum cleaners with a water filter provide a remedy, they also clean the air. What is a matter of concern for many [...]

2018-04-12T08:32:13+00:00 Februar 2nd, 2015|pet lovers|

Pets are good for the soul.

  Without a doubt, a cat or a dog likes to take the place of a full-fledged member of the family. Pets are loyal companions who are good for humans. However, in order to create ideal conditions for a harmonious coexistence, there are also practical aspects which cannot be ignored by a pet owner. Even [...]

2018-04-12T08:32:13+00:00 Februar 2nd, 2015|pet lovers|

People spend 90% of their time indoors.

If you consider how much time people spend at home, then a rethinking in terms of cleaning would be worthwhile. Just vacuuming is not enough to create optimal living conditions, because not only allergy sufferers have a great need for hygiene. Many people do not want to stir up dust when vacuuming or dusting, but [...]

2015-03-05T20:04:48+00:00 Februar 2nd, 2015|allergy sufferers|