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Good or bad-tempered? The nose vacuums with.

Our sense of smell can affect us without us realising. Also the feeling of sympathy and antipathy has much to do with our personal vision of good and bad odours. "I cannot smell that person" many people have thought more than once. A phenomenon that can also be transferred to room scenarios. In a good-smelling [...]

2018-04-12T08:32:13+00:00 Januar 27th, 2016|freshness lovers|

Fresh air fanatics get their money’s worth.

Room air is consumed, dust can be smelt and a conventional vacuum cleaner is also not a compliment for odour-sensitive noses. We need fresh air. The question remains: what can you do other than to air several times every day? Air freshening is the magic word. With the new generation of bag less vacuum cleaners [...]

2016-04-18T07:00:30+00:00 Januar 7th, 2016|freshness lovers|

City air is not always the best.

Life in the city has many advantages. Short distances, good gastronomy, pure variety. A major drawback of city life is often the missing freshness. Shock ventilation must happen, but as soon as the window is open, smell particles enter the living room, which significantly interfere with sensitive noses. So what do you do if you [...]

2016-04-18T06:56:05+00:00 Januar 4th, 2016|freshness lovers|

Toys and decorations are perfect dust collectors.

Children's rooms in particular are full of little things that can be coated with dust. Plush toys are home to millions of mites and carpets and decorative cushions accommodate twice as many unwelcome guests that make life difficult for allergy sufferers. Dust in hard-to-reach areas can be avoided, however. The principle of omission is just [...]

2015-03-05T20:05:46+00:00 Februar 2nd, 2015|allergy sufferers|