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Hygienic, ecological and economical.

The refreshingly different bagless vacuum cleaners.

„Just empty the container, rinse and put it back into the vacuum cleaner, perfectly clean“, this is what the bagless vacuum cleaners promises consumers.

In reality, this is unfortunately different. Since dust is whirled back into the air when emptying the tank of a cyclone vacuum cleaner, dust residues are left in the tank and must be laboriously removed. There is nothing like hygiene.

If bagless, then properly.

Of course, the person vacuuming without a bag saves money and protects the environment. But the result of the vacuuming must also be correct. Many bagless vacuum cleaners or cyclone vacuum cleaners fail in the supreme discipline: the constant suction power – as we hear more and more frequently from users.

It is good that there is this alternative. The bagless vacuum cleaner from THOMAS uses water and constantly high suction power during each vacuum cleaning.

Der neue beutellose Staubsauger perfect air von THOMAS

1 litre of water into the vacuum cleaner, that’s all.

This is the perfect way of bag less vacuuming for allergy sufferers, pet owners and lovers of freshness!

Because: Sucked up dirt and odour particles are neatly bound in the water and don’t fly back into the air and don’t annoy any nose any more.

produkt-_0000_im Wasser gebunden

The THOMAS perfect air.
Vacuuming and refreshing the air.

With no loss of suction power and a refreshingly different filter system needing just one litre of tap water – optional with an additional fresh fragrance.

Bagless vacuum cleaners with this new technology are really clean; they even purify the air, reduce costs and are environmentally friendly!

Der beutellose Staubsauger mit neuer Wasserfilter-Technologie