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The new vacuum cleaner for lovers of freshness: THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3.

This is how clean air smells.

Regular vacuuming is not for odour-sensitive people. Because only if the room air is really pure, lovers of freshness can breathe with pleasure. The new vacuum cleaner THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3 provides a „fresh and aired“ indoor climate with each vacuuming session, cleaning the air and at the same time exuding a pleasant fresh smell.

How does it work? The new THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3 has a water filter that binds everything that bothers lovers of freshness in the water, leaving a 100% noticeably refreshed air during the vacuum process. A fresh fragrance additive is easily applied to the water in the AQUA-PURE-FILTER BOX bringing an even more freshness. This is the perfect freshness for sensitive noses.

The THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3.
Perfect for lovers of freshness.

The latest technology of bag less vacuuming with a consistently high suction power during each vacuuming session and the refreshingly different filter system. Water filtered vacuum cleaners stand for the new fresh way of cleaning. The THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3 has even more advantages:

  • House dust, allergens, pollen, mites and pets hairs are bound in the water
  • Hepa 13 Filter
  • Micro exhaust filter
  • 1600 Watts max.
  • With fresh scent
  • Stageless electronic suction power control
  • Large 11 meter operating radius
  • 8 m cable length
  • Automatic cable winding
  • 360 ° Easy Drive swivel castor
  • 2 parking positions
  • Made in Germany

Wet vacuum cleaners and combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners are exempt from the energy label.

The vacuum cleaner for lovers of freshness with AQUA-PURE FILTER BOX:

Fresh and aired.

produkt-perfect-air-filterbox-feelfreshChanging a vacuum cleaner bag or emptying the tank of a cyclone vacuum cleaner puts the odour sensitivity of many people to the test. THOMAS has developed a vacuum cleaner for freshness lovers, which cleanly binds house dust, dirt and odour particles in only 1 ltr of tap of water. The aspirated air is moistened with water in an ejector and is then bound in water within the AQUA-PURE-FILTER BOX.

The collected dirty water is simply poured away after vacuuming. This means that foul odours can never escape into the room air again. The new THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3 can do even more: the slightly moistened exhaust air brings a delightful scent of freshness into all living areas – as if just ventilated.

Whoever vacuums in this way will enjoy 100% significantly refreshed air and feel better. Perfect – the vacuum cleaner for lovers of freshness.



carpet nozzle switchable with foot click


parquet nozzle


upholstery nozzle


crevice nozzle 220 mm


furniture brush with swivel


automatic cable winding


360° Easy Drive swivel castor




emptying filter box


without bag

produkt-_0001_HEPA13 Filter

100% noticeably refreshed air


A sense of well-being with fresh fragrance.


Your free warranty extension of 12 months can be activated at


For all accessories and spare parts. No matter whether filters or nozzles – THOMAS grants you a 10-years parts availability guarantee

Technical data

  • Type / sale description:
    THOMAS perfect air feel fresh x3
  • Mark of conformity: produkt-pruefzeichen_vdegs

Technology / performance characteristics

  • Voltage: 230 Volt
  • Fuse protection: 16 Ampère
  • Motor power 1400 / 1600 Watt IEC/max.
  • Max. low pressure: 280 mbar
  • Tank capacity: about 1.8 l
  • Wet vacuum system
  • Water intake: about 1.8 l
  • Cable length: 8 m
  • Operating radius: 11 m


  • Piping/hose
    Basic accessories: 32 mm
  • Suction hose with comfort pipe bends
  • Extra-long telescopic stainless steel suction tube with edge protection
  • Double park position
  • Automatic cable winding
  • Stageless electronic suction control on the device
  • ECO Mode
  • Soft touch function switch
  • Carpet nozzle switchable with foot click
  • Parquet nozzle
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Crevice nozzle 220 mm
  • Furniture brush with swivel
  • Siphon nozzle*
  • Mattress nozzle*
  • Turbo brush*

Filter system dry vacuuming

  • HEPA13 filter, fiberglass-free
  • Micro – exhaust air filter

Dimensions and weights:
Device / device incl. cardboard box

  • Länge: 467 / 540 mm
  • Breite: 318 / 395 mm
  • Höhe: 294 / 440 mm
  • Gewicht 6.9 / 11.0 kg

→ available in series
* as an optional accessory

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